The Original Original mark:

If you look up the word ‘Indigenous’, you’ll find it has many synonyms, including ‘original.’

Many lay claim to being the ‘original.’ When someone makes that claim – to have been the first at something – we feel like we have something in common. We say to ourselves: this is a person who cares about roots. Someone who wants to know where things genuinely begin.

We value those things too.

In fact, with over 14,000 years of knowledge and 1,700 unique Indigenous experiences across Canada, we offer the most authentic and diverse experiences. And we know, smile in hand, we’ve been at it longer than anyone else. We Indigenous People, on this our home and native land.

So when we decided to define who we are and what we represent, we dug deeply into our own story, what defines us and makes our experiences truly special.

 Or, more succinctly: The original Original.

A key component of The Original Original is a new brand mark that will help travellers better identify and book experiences from Indigenous owned tourism businesses across Canada.

The Original Original mark identifies that businesses have been vetted by ITAC including four key criteria: the business is at least 51 per cent Indigenous owned, it’s a business that embraces the values of Indigenous tourism, it offers a market of expert ready experience, and is an ITAC member.

The Original Original logo artwork aims to explore the ethos of this very concept by placing two letter Os within each other, representing the world, as well as the cycle of life. At the centre of these circles is a fire symbol that possesses a single flame, but is divided into three parts. This distinction represents each of the three groups of Indigenous Peoples in Canada; First Nation, Métis and Inuit.

Through this branded seal, we aim to further develop wide-spread recognition of authentic Indigenous experiences across the country.

The Original Original Creative Series:

With that, we are thrilled to officially roll-out The Original Original film and poster series, a collection of striking imagery that visually encapsulates the spirit of Indigenous travel experiences across Canada. 

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We invite you to see the beauty of our land through our eyes. From coast to coast to coast, Indigenous Peoples continue to provide transformative visitor experience through legendary hospitality, shared traditions, and authentic storytelling. Now is the time for us to come together as one and celebrate our connection to this vast country. Indigenous Tourism Awaits.

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