Journey into timeless winter wilderness

The magic of winter in Canada is unparalleled. Winds whistle across the frozen tundra, dazzling snow-covered mountain peaks pierce the sky, and ancient forests hide entire ecosystems under blankets of powder. Indigenous guides welcome you to share in the magic of these lands and the traditional knowledge that has helped our Peoples survive and thrive in Canada’s winter wilderness.

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Tour the winter landscape on a dogsled

For thousands of years, Indigenous Peoples have been travelling winter trails guided by a pack of bounding sled dogs. And although dogsledding is no longer used as a primary means of winter transportation, vibrant teams of sturdy sled dogs are ready to whisk you away to the most magical corners of the snowy landscape. Dress warmly, and hold on tight!


Snowshoeing: fun for all ages

Nothing beats the contented silence of snowshoeing through trees dusted with powder and sun kissed fields of white. Guided snowshoeing tours are an excellent way to go off the beaten track and learn about the natural wonders hidden under the snowpack. Bonus: snowshoeing is excellent exercise no matter your fitness level, and very little equipment is needed.


Snowmobile through boundless winter trails

Canada boasts some of the best snowmobiling in the world. Join your Indigenous guide along powdery trails as you take in the staggering landscape views and breathe in the cool, fresh winter air. Let your guide do the driving, or take one of these powerful machines into your own hands and experience a winter wilderness rush.


Build your own igloo

Igloos are iconic of the Far North and are true architectural wonders. In hands-on igloo building workshops, your Indigenous teachers will tell you all about ingenious survival techniques for extreme temperatures. Find out about the best snow for igloo building, cut your own snow blocks and stack them for optimal shelter. It’s up to you whether you want to spend the night!


Watch the Northern Lights dance

Aurora Borealis is a spectacular show that lights up northern skies. Journey to one of our Indigenous owned Northern Lights viewing centres to cozy up and enjoy the magic and wonder of the skies. Hear legends of old and the star stories that inform Indigenous astronomy as you watch the brilliant Aurora dance across the heavens.


Ice fishing with Indigenous guides

Enjoy ice fishing with the Peoples whose ancestors practiced this contemplative exercise in patience and skill since time began. Gaze at snow covered trees and vast expanses of sparkling snow on your winter fishing adventure, and reel in a fresh local catch from some of the purest waters in the world.


Heed the call of the wild

In Canada, the winter wilderness is full of wildlife — if you know where to look. Take a journey with an Indigenous guide to spot herds of caribou thundering across the snowy tundra, hear the soulful howl of a lonely wolf, or cross the ice to catch a glimpse of a majestic polar bear.

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Tundra North Tours

Inuvik, Northwest Territories

A vast herd of 3,000 reindeer moves slowly, like a living river, across the stark, snowy tundra. Follow in their footsteps as they travel towards their spring calving grounds. See shimmering northern lights shoot across the horizon as you head for the night into an igloo you helped build. Mush your own dog team, smoke fish and share a feast cooked by Inuvik elders while chatting with them about traditional life. Take part in old-time games, dances, and songs and feel the connection these people have with the Arctic’s creatures and wide-open spaces.

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Appalachian Chalets and RV

Corner Brook, Newfoundland Labrador

Step out of your self-contained, fully equipped chalet or RV, hop on your snowmobile, or ATV and hit the trails! Our location in the heart of western Newfoundland offers direct access to hundreds of kilometres of adventure on snowmobile and ATV trails; make us your home-base for adventure in all seasons.

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Arctic Bay Adventures

Arctic Bay, Nunavut

Experience the natural wonders of one of the most unique destinations in the world with Inuit-owned Arctic Bay Adventures on Baffin Island, Nunavut. Nestled snugly amidst stunning mountains, Baffin Island is a traditional hamlet with a population of approximately 800 people, and its name in Inuktitut is Ikpiarjuk which means “the pocket”.

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We have a deep respect for winter

Winter adventures are our way of life — we have been withstanding harsh conditions since time began. Soon after the first signs of spring appeared, our Peoples would start preparing for the next winter season, with harvesting and preparations top of mind. Find out all about the clever ways our ancestors made the best of the season, and how our connection to winter lives on.

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